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Russian Tiger

                                  Russian Tiger                                           (1992)                  This Tiger from Siberia: How brave he […]

Love-Hate Relationships

                                  Love-Hate Relationships   Know this: the boundary that separates Rapturous loves from paroxysmal hates      Is less substantial than air’s density. As East from West is indivisible, (Because their loci are invisible      And found by […]

Odd's Laws?

                           Odd’s Laws?        Since all the Universal Laws that rule Existence are discoveries — they’ve been In operation since before the minds Of humans woke to their effects — not one Invented by an act of human thought — What […]


                                Catastrophe!             Who has not viewn, (on film or TV screen,      Or the event itself), that awesome scene When — from unstably-laden slope, with vibrant shock —      A sudden avalanche […]

Quantic Superstrings

                                         Quantic Superstrings   Now, Superstrings are incredible things      That cannot be measured nor weighed: They seem to exist for those theorists      Whose calculus methods betrayed Their sums would not fit — […]

Night Queen

     Night Queen ;      How bland her features do appear, As if no force nor passion stir Behind or underneath her stare; And yet, her powers are immense!.      She pulls great seas around the world, Causing huge tidal-waves to roar With tumult strength on every shore Where onto rugged rocks […]

The Promise

                               The Promise        There bloomed a halo round the moon last night; A paley circle of unbroken light      Some twenty moon-diameters across           At least and glowing in my startled sight.   […]

God and Creation

                               God and Creation   “Some think creation’s meant to show Him forth; I say it’s meant to hide Him all it can”.                                     […]


                      Zeitgeisten   Crisp light with sharp-edged shade           Starkly contrasted; Pale sunshine by enveloped           Cloud-glooms blasted; Storm-winds and wintry showers           Blent together; Bare trees exposed to torments       […]

The Monastic City

                        The Monastic City                             (Glendalough)   [Foreword: This poem is an imaginative presentation of life and motivation in a mediæval monastery. It should not be considered as an expression of the author’s […]

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