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Iphigenia at Aulis

Iphigenia at Aulis  (After Euripides)   They stripped her stark, then threw her body bare      Backwards upon the altar of their fear;      But as the sacred knife was sharply drawn Across her throat, she changed — into a fawn!.

Near Tiryns

                                Near Tiryns                       (Agamemnon’s Death)                  Near Tiryns           Proud triremes Thrashed inshore waves to foam     […]

Domnal Spanne'ach

                             Domnal Spanne’ach                                     (fl. 1580-1610)                             i.        That […]

The Ark on Ararat

                    The Ark on Ararat   Vast over Turkey and Iran stands Ararat —      Where once there sailed that famous Ark of History,           Freighted with life and human inspiration’s hopes;      The fossilised remains of which are said to […]


                            Orion   When glorious Orion strides the night —      Red Betelgeus sat on his shoulder high,           Bright Rigel at his knee, club raised to strike      His quarry with its shining potency; His […]

Atalanta and Milanion

              Atalanta and Milanion        If you should really want to hit the mark, Striking your target where the bull’s-eye stares, Do not allow your aim to be disturbed By the intrusion of distractive thought      Or sight; just concentrate on your intent!.       […]

Problems of Identity?

Problems of Identity?        Some people say — though I have seen no proof That their assertions are well founded — that The Scots were Irish but now haunt the hills      Of Caledonia’s bleak, blasted wastes; The Irish, who now farm damp brown peat-bogs Outwith Hibernia’s green pale, were Scots!.     […]


             Broom   Small pale-leaved bush, besprent With dark, sulphureous flowers           Tinged faintly red; It looks as though someone Has pricked your gorsy blooms           And made them bleed                Plantagenetical!.

The Temple of Aeb

The Temple of Aeb                                             i.        Welcome to you, most learned Leondo!. You’ve travelled far in answer to my call And am honoured by your presence here, For your repute in […]


                                                                   Œdipus   Introduction: There are several versions of the Œdipus myth – Homer put one in the Iliad, Aeschylus [Seven Against Thebes] […]

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