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After the Break

                             After the Break        Since human life is progress preordained By God — who gave that life to each of us — Let us not, in the embers of our love, Allow self-pity to embitter us.      You […]


       Gonfalon             What appears to other eyes As blazing comet in the skies      Seems, to mine, a flashing sword      Drawn by Christ’s Angel — in his fight Against foul Dæmons of dark night —           Beneath the Banner of […]

To A.E.M

To A.E.M   Had I the words, my darling, I would tell In whispered phrases sweet of my great love.      Of how your presence<charms the very air      Which close-enwraps us in its gentleness; Of how all things assume a pleasantness Unnoticed ’til you come, my dearest one.      But since […]

Secret Flame

Secret Flame   I want to say: “I love you, dear!”      But, every time I start, I find I can’t express the warmth      Deep-glowing in my heart. I cannot tell you how I thrill      Whenever you are near, Nor demonstrate the tenderness      For you I fondly bear. […]


                                         Delectation (on The Charm of Poetry, a book by J.D. Bevington)   This book is my delight, my joy!.      I hope that when Old Age shall come           And […]

Tempestuous Angel

                 Tempestuous Angel        We met a few brief moments, you and I; We met, and those meetings there was born Our fated loves. The glad days soon sped by Till our commingled hearts were loathly torn Roughly asunder, leaving us to yearn Incessantly for sweets […]


Proverbs             Unthoughtful words provoke more misery      Than all the torments of life’s natural pains: So guard your tongues, that you may not inflict      Unnecessary suffering on any soul.             Vain creatures are we all, and our self-pride      Unhinges […]

Old Age

         Old Age              Frail-boned,      Thin-fleshed, slow-stepped; Forgetful, dull-eyed, cold:      Kindness alone can cheer the heart           Of one grown old.

Loving a Soldier

                      Loving a Soldier   Loving a soldier is often not fun      Since, much of the time, he must follow the gun.      It often  is loving with no-one to hold And feeling, in Summer, a Winter of cold.   It’s sending […]


Maghera        “A man was shot in Maghera today…”. Surely some noble creed had sanctified This deed of wrath, this devastating force?.      The creed, alas!, was godless Anarchy. But fear it is prevents both Prelates’ words And Politicians’ acts. Immoral fear That to resist is worse fate than to yield.   […]

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