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   Astronauts    (‘Challenger’: 28 January 1986)   Riding flaming columns      Into unknown space, Monitoring instruments      Juddered by displaced Huge kinetic pressures      Outwith your control; Juggling with computer-data —      Utterly involved — Until some sudden defect      Cancelled your bold try With incandescent epigraph     […]

Atalanta and Milanion

              Atalanta and Milanion        If you should really want to hit the mark, Striking your target where the bull’s-eye stares, Do not allow your aim to be disturbed By the intrusion of distractive thought      Or sight; just concentrate on your intent!.       […]

Harold at Hastings

Harold at Hastings          (14 October 1066)        Harald Hardraada, King of Norway, dead With traitor Tostig (Earl Northumberland Before his baser nature had been known), Caught by surprise at Yorkshire’s Stamford Bridge By England’s king as they invaded there To steal his crown away; now that same king, Harold, […]


                                                                   Œdipus   Introduction: There are several versions of the Œdipus myth – Homer put one in the Iliad, Aeschylus [Seven Against Thebes] […]


Marie        Far off, upon the mountain-tops, I saw A mighty host, in martial lines arrayed, Descending to the luscious plains below. My breastplate I assumed, took up my sword, And hurried out to meet the threatening throng.      A short way off, I stopped and asked their Chief Why they had entered […]


               Sphinx (Adapted from: Œdipus)                                        The happy day Was inauspicious at the start. (Often Good luck comes when we least expect!). So when, One morning, coming close toThebes– a guard Preventing him from going nearer – he Enquired the cause. It seems there was a vile Marauder, […]

Fourteen Eighty Five

Fourteen Eighty Five – [I]       (Monday 22nd August)        This was the Year of the Red and the White. Red blood and white flesh but the signs to tell How Roses red and white had come to blow In bloody conflict in bleak Redmoors marsh; With red ambitions, white ideals involved […]