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Coronavirus (Covid19) . . Who has not lived a like experience Can’t say how clear minds bring intelligence To see — amidst confusing states — how best To wrestle safety from catastrophe And find salvation, (in despite of fear), By buttressing faint hope with strength to bear Danger’s vicissitudes courageously: Or how mock grim disaster with […]


Paranoid Prism

       Paranoid Prism                                                             Everybody’s spying      On me, on them, on you!. Everybody’s spying       Because that’s what they do.   We […]


                               Erse   Pale-eyed, dark-haired, fresh-faced, the Irish folk who lisp      Cool Angloid phrases with soft, smooth  sibilances           Strangely belying those more harsh, strong gutterals                Which, (unfamiliar […]

Old Age

         Old Age              Frail-boned,      Thin-fleshed, slow-stepped; Forgetful, dull-eyed, cold:      Kindness alone can cheer the heart           Of one grown old.

Cinquain (Equus)

                 Cinquain                    (Equus)             A far      Small form moves fast. Straining my eyes to see       What it could be, I recognise           A horse.

Mohammed Fayed

Mohammed Fayed (After Diana & Dodi)        A man obsessed, A heart distressed, A mind depressed:      A soul oppressed.

Golden Age

                Golden Age   On Summer lands the golden sun      Its golden warmth distributes; Whilst golden children’s golden fun, (With golden laughter, golden games And golden innocence), acclaims      That golden season’s tributes.   Golden gardens, and golden fields      Of golden grain or forage, Their golden harvest […]

Night Force

    Night Force   Those ‘Nights that brought [him] to her body bare’   Could they not also strip his heart for her?     What fuels his passion’s consummating fires   Could that not spark the words she so desires? O those bare nights and that occluded heart, (Pulled close by longing, by fear held […]