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Verse Competitions

                  Verse Competitions                                                      Verse competitions are a frightful curse. They make you wrack your brains to find fit lines Drawn from experience whilst pressured by Limits of […]

Anima Poetica

                          Anima Poetica        What use has poetry?. Some people say It is a means to Transcendental Truth Through inspirational experience; Its insights, into pleasure and dismay, Are keys to unlock life’s lost relevance.      Others aver its purpose is To […]

Keatsian Koan

                           Keatsian Koan   “Beauts is Truth, Truth Beauty”, wrote John Keats,      And in some special sense this may be so; But not all beauties can be troped as truths,      Nor are truths always beautiful to know:     […]

Global Reputation

                                    Global Reputation        (23rd April: Shakespeare’s birth and death date)        Shakespeare — the verse and voice of English at its best;           Clear, confident and strong enough to bear […]


                               Performances        If it were these that really mattered most — The personal performance and the voice — If it were these that powered poetry, Then Shakespeare long would have been lost to us With all past poets […]

My Destiny

                                 My Destiny        I shall not always be The slave of circumstance.      I have a promised destiny That guides me to the ranks      Of those whose names prevail Across the years of fame.   […]

Had I A Voice

                               Had I a Voice   Had I a voice whose power could expand      The boundaries of your imaginings;           That could express the glories of this grand      Existence; boast those beauties that […]


                                Cycles             “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold,            Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…”                           […]

The Return

                                The Return   Eastwards the storm-wracked prow, steered for hope’s harbour, home!. (Freeboard      Near-swamped by freighted weight of rarities cramming the holds           And decks, this cargo could  buy family security     […]

Visionary Dawn

                     Visionary Dawn   Know that those Principles you mourn, (dark-robed,      Facing that Blankness where they were interred —           Battered and mangled by traumatic wars      And social dissolution — those long years Ago), cannot be recovered from […]

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