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Saddam Hussein

                                Saddam Hussein                                        (1990)             Saddam, the latest tyrant born to taunt      Democracy’s pacific […]

Russian Tiger

                                  Russian Tiger                                           (1992)                  This Tiger from Siberia: How brave he […]

Bloody Tears

                                Bloody Tears        “There are few sights or sounds more distressing        than to discover a man weeping”. (Anon).   Men rarely cry in public. It’s not thought      Their right response to suffering […]

Odd's Laws?

                           Odd’s Laws?        Since all the Universal Laws that rule Existence are discoveries — they’ve been In operation since before the minds Of humans woke to their effects — not one Invented by an act of human thought — What […]


                                Catastrophe!             Who has not viewn, (on film or TV screen,      Or the event itself), that awesome scene When — from unstably-laden slope, with vibrant shock —      A sudden avalanche […]

Quantic Superstrings

                                         Quantic Superstrings   Now, Superstrings are incredible things      That cannot be measured nor weighed: They seem to exist for those theorists      Whose calculus methods betrayed Their sums would not fit — […]

Last Rites

                                Last Rites   Should I lie helpless near Death’s gaping maw —      My body broken by long years of wear Beyond mind’s management; my bloodied raw      Heart torn, gored by predacious, sharp-toothed care During my […]

Anima Poetica

                          Anima Poetica        What use has poetry?. Some people say It is a means to Transcendental Truth Through inspirational experience; Its insights, into pleasure and dismay, Are keys to unlock life’s lost relevance.      Others aver its purpose is To […]

Keatsian Koan

                           Keatsian Koan   “Beauts is Truth, Truth Beauty”, wrote John Keats,      And in some special sense this may be so; But not all beauties can be troped as truths,      Nor are truths always beautiful to know:     […]


                               Erse   Pale-eyed, dark-haired, fresh-faced, the Irish folk who lisp      Cool Angloid phrases with soft, smooth  sibilances           Strangely belying those more harsh, strong gutterals                Which, (unfamiliar […]

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