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Quantic Superstrings

                                         Quantic Superstrings   Now, Superstrings are incredible things      That cannot be measured nor weighed: They seem to exist for those theorists      Whose calculus methods betrayed Their sums would not fit — […]

The Promise

                               The Promise        There bloomed a halo round the moon last night; A paley circle of unbroken light      Some twenty moon-diameters across           At least and glowing in my startled sight.   […]


Snowflakes        The minute structure of each snowflake is so fine,           The intricate simplicity of its design      So exquisitely perfect in itself, Divine Intelligence, some think, must be its manufactury!.      For you could spend a lengthy lifetime looking through           […]


                                   Imprisoned   Pure phœnix of true love, endungeoned in or hearts;      Locked in by jealous bolts; by iron hatreds barred;           Chained by mistrust close to the coals of envy’s fire   […]

Sublimating Love

                           Sublimating Love         My solemn-seeming visage hides, underneath its frown,      That sensitive affection which you alone have known.    Love for you is sublimating all  my baser traits, Refining me till I become fit foil for your […]

Reflected Love

Reflected Love   When you look into a mirror, there you see my heart; For you are the very substance of that hidden part.    Your eager eyes, like mine, gaze out searching far and wide       For sight of their sole darling: too often they have cried.       Warmest endearments […]

Vain Death

                                      Vain Death   You cannot fool me, Death, with your façade    Of mystic power and stern finality!.       Others you may, perhaps, through grief delude:    For, in distraction, reason’s clarity Can be […]


                                           Nightwatchers        You watchers of the night!. Why do you stare So steadfastly upon the silent stars?.      Do dreams of famous immortality Impel you to explore, with such profound Intent, […]




                              Meteors   Some early deaths, (like meteors that die), Leave vacant spaces in the universe Where once their beauties charmed the viewer’s eye.      No kinds of consolation can reverse The situation and bring back to light Their loveliness.   […]

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