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                              Uncertainty   God!. Do not let me doubt so much!.      Let me believe in something that           Will not disintegrate on touch,      Or fail me when I need it most!. Give me […]

The Return

                                The Return   Eastwards the storm-wracked prow, steered for hope’s harbour, home!. (Freeboard      Near-swamped by freighted weight of rarities cramming the holds           And decks, this cargo could  buy family security     […]

Death's Occluding Blind

                                 Death’s Occluding Blind   What happens to the souls      Of those who die?. Can such immeasureable,      Intangible, Sentient phenomena      Survive ex corpore?.   Some say that souls, at death,      Migrate to […]


                       Experience        Experience is simply this; A preparation for some future state,  However broad or narrow be its scope.        We pass from grade to grade, as when in school — Learning a little more each period We spend on varied subjects in […]


                                Faith        Had I but faith enough!. Then, I could move The legendary mountains at my will; Then, in my life, I surely would succeed And from achievements’ honours take my fill;      Or, being humble in […]

God and Creation

                               God and Creation   “Some think creation’s meant to show Him forth; I say it’s meant to hide Him all it can”.                                     […]

Alexander at Babylon

                                             Alexander at Babylon                                            (June 323 BC)        “My good friend […]

Visionary Dawn

                     Visionary Dawn   Know that those Principles you mourn, (dark-robed,      Facing that Blankness where they were interred —           Battered and mangled by traumatic wars      And social dissolution — those long years Ago), cannot be recovered from […]

The Terrible Beauty

                      The Terrible Beauty               “A terrible beauty is born”.                                                           […]

Domnal Spanne'ach

                             Domnal Spanne’ach                                     (fl. 1580-1610)                             i.        That […]

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