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The Giant's Ransom

The Giant’s Ransom   You promised you would pay, if I would free You from your bondage near Coolmela‘s wood      Some twenty ago. So, with my magic Mantra, I made plea To elemental Noumena who could      Release you from your woe.   I am now bound in debt’s extremity, (With urgent […]


                            Questions   Would you prefer the eloquence and charm,      The glitter and parade in bright display           Of silken flattery’s embellishments,      The flashy compliments, light dalliance And gaudy presents offered every day?.   Would […]


                              Doubt   Why need I boast my love in ringing tones      To tell you what, already, you must know?.           Does not my patient lingering, nearby,           Speak more than sounding […]

The Fresh Green Leaves

The Fresh Green Leaves        The fresh green leaves of Spring once more declare To wintered hearts that all life’s bitter woes Are transient; that warmer tomorrows      Will come to melt iced hopes snowed under care.        Blossoms in tree and bush, flowers in field And hedgerow, are bright […]

Exploration and Discovery

                    Exploration and Discovery   Amalgamated Cook and Darwin, now      I have the opportunity to search The world, (home and abroad, both near and far),      For fossilised remains and recent strains      Still extant, (wheresoever they may be Discovered), of Rima […]


                               Expedition        Once, we were seven ships. Three were left beached In England. A fourth, newly to Colours Called, now leaves to start patrols in Britain’s Name. And soon the mother-ship, (frail pinnace, Too small safely to sail […]

After the Break

                             After the Break        Since human life is progress preordained By God — who gave that life to each of us — Let us not, in the embers of our love, Allow self-pity to embitter us.      You […]

Secret Flame

Secret Flame   I want to say: “I love you, dear!”      But, every time I start, I find I can’t express the warmth      Deep-glowing in my heart. I cannot tell you how I thrill      Whenever you are near, Nor demonstrate the tenderness      For you I fondly bear. […]


Proverbs             Unthoughtful words provoke more misery      Than all the torments of life’s natural pains: So guard your tongues, that you may not inflict      Unnecessary suffering on any soul.             Vain creatures are we all, and our self-pride      Unhinges […]

All the Year is Spring!

                 All the Year is Spring!   Jubilant birds serenaded the trees,           Carolling joyfully;      Telling the world, on the wings of the breeze, The wonderful story of Spring.           But sadly I sat, against an oak tree, […]

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