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Sixth June 1944

                Sixth June 1944                         (D-Day)        I tell a child’s tale with the words An adult uses, to describe Impressions from the distant past, Responding to recalled events More recently experienced.       Four o’clock in […]

Saddam Hussein

                                Saddam Hussein                                        (1990)             Saddam, the latest tyrant born to taunt      Democracy’s pacific […]

Russian Tiger

                                  Russian Tiger                                           (1992)                  This Tiger from Siberia: How brave he […]

Promethean Fires

                                 Promethean Fires                                  (Roumania: 1989)        Vlad Dracula’s pained Princedom was for years impaled On ancient fundamental tines — vengeance and hate […]

Synoptic Biography

                                           Synoptic Biography                ( Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescou: d.25/12/1989)                               They rose; they spoke; […]

Near Tiryns

                                Near Tiryns                       (Agamemnon’s Death)                  Near Tiryns           Proud triremes Thrashed inshore waves to foam     […]


   Astronauts    (‘Challenger’: 28 January 1986)   Riding flaming columns      Into unknown space, Monitoring instruments      Juddered by displaced Huge kinetic pressures      Outwith your control; Juggling with computer-data —      Utterly involved — Until some sudden defect      Cancelled your bold try With incandescent epigraph     […]

Alexander at Babylon

                                             Alexander at Babylon                                            (June 323 BC)        “My good friend […]

The Terrible Beauty

                      The Terrible Beauty               “A terrible beauty is born”.                                                           […]

Domnal Spanne'ach

                             Domnal Spanne’ach                                     (fl. 1580-1610)                             i.        That […]

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