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Iphigenia at Aulis

Iphigenia at Aulis  (After Euripides)   They stripped her stark, then threw her body bare      Backwards upon the altar of their fear;      But as the sacred knife was sharply drawn Across her throat, she changed — into a fawn!.

The Giant's Ransom

The Giant’s Ransom   You promised you would pay, if I would free You from your bondage near Coolmela‘s wood      Some twenty ago. So, with my magic Mantra, I made plea To elemental Noumena who could      Release you from your woe.   I am now bound in debt’s extremity, (With urgent […]

Night Queen

     Night Queen ;      How bland her features do appear, As if no force nor passion stir Behind or underneath her stare; And yet, her powers are immense!.      She pulls great seas around the world, Causing huge tidal-waves to roar With tumult strength on every shore Where onto rugged rocks […]

The Monastic City

                        The Monastic City                             (Glendalough)   [Foreword: This poem is an imaginative presentation of life and motivation in a mediæval monastery. It should not be considered as an expression of the author’s […]


                            Orion   When glorious Orion strides the night —      Red Betelgeus sat on his shoulder high,           Bright Rigel at his knee, club raised to strike      His quarry with its shining potency; His […]

A Spell

                                A Spell             (For the release of a Giant)             Amanatha!. Zaranthula!. I call upon the powers of the sky!.      (Come thunder, lightning, storm-bred wind!).     […]

The Giant

                                  The Giant        I saw a giant’s face today amongst the trees, Deep-shadowed, opposite my house. Only his huge, Brown head was visible, his trunk and limbs concealed Beneath a covering of soil and tangled roots.     […]

Atalanta and Milanion

              Atalanta and Milanion        If you should really want to hit the mark, Striking your target where the bull’s-eye stares, Do not allow your aim to be disturbed By the intrusion of distractive thought      Or sight; just concentrate on your intent!.       […]

Reality and Dreams

                   Reality and Dreams   In normal lives realities and dreams are mixed And, through their interactions, memories are fixed.             Most happiness is transient and brief;           Troubles both follow and precede relief         […]

Northern Star

                       Northern Star   How insignificant you seem,           Pale Northern Star!. And yet the constellations pace           Their patterned gait Around your chosen dwelling-place           As though they deem You Monarch of […]

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