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Saddam Hussein

                                Saddam Hussein                                        (1990)             Saddam, the latest tyrant born to taunt      Democracy’s pacific […]

Love-Hate Relationships

                                  Love-Hate Relationships   Know this: the boundary that separates Rapturous loves from paroxysmal hates      Is less substantial than air’s density. As East from West is indivisible, (Because their loci are invisible      And found by […]

Sacrificial Obsession

                            Sacrificial Obsession                              (Mem: 10 Sept 1989)        Quite casual it was!. I said: “Goodbye!”. You answered with a silent nod. Then I Departed. At your […]

Bloody Tears

                                Bloody Tears        “There are few sights or sounds more distressing        than to discover a man weeping”. (Anon).   Men rarely cry in public. It’s not thought      Their right response to suffering […]

Odd's Laws?

                           Odd’s Laws?        Since all the Universal Laws that rule Existence are discoveries — they’ve been In operation since before the minds Of humans woke to their effects — not one Invented by an act of human thought — What […]

Anima Poetica

                          Anima Poetica        What use has poetry?. Some people say It is a means to Transcendental Truth Through inspirational experience; Its insights, into pleasure and dismay, Are keys to unlock life’s lost relevance.      Others aver its purpose is To […]

Had I A Voice

                               Had I a Voice   Had I a voice whose power could expand      The boundaries of your imaginings;           That could express the glories of this grand      Existence; boast those beauties that […]

As Moth to Flame

                                 As Moth to Flame                  As moth to flame, so I to you           Although I knew such fateful game      Should best be spurned. Yet my […]

The Long Way Round

                                The Long Way Round                                        (For my sons)             Your lives’ ambitious targets can be traced […]

The Brain of God?.

             The Brain of God?        Some say we’re neurons in the brain of God!. Though almost insignificant alone, By our collective influence we form The sum of universal consciousness Associated with Divinity.      Our interactions generate, (they say), Those elemental forces that, combined, Transmute primæval chaos […]

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