Russian Tiger

                                  Russian Tiger                                           (1992)                  This Tiger from Siberia: How brave he […]

                                  Russian Tiger



               This Tiger from Siberia:

How brave he seems, how fearless in the face

               Of those who’ld take his very life!.

He looks so dangerous, in his fierce pride —

               As liable to bite the bones

Of careless kith as enemies — when roused!.

               His personality, (as striped

In asymmetric black and gold with white

               As his ancestral history),

Suggests wild unpredictability;

               True trait of every feral cat.

Ferocious in attack and devious

               In self-defence, this great beast prowls

His wide terrain, eliciting from those

               Who watch him — at some safe remove! —

Both admiration and a latent fear

               Of uncontrollability.

Symbolic of primæval force let loose

Is Boris Yeltsin, Tiger of the Russ!.

Author: J. A. Bosworth

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