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               Arboriculture                                                              Striped with a scourge’s stigmata, On the middle tree of three, Was nailed a naked man Crowned with a wreath […]

The Brain of God?.

             The Brain of God?        Some say we’re neurons in the brain of God!. Though almost insignificant alone, By our collective influence we form The sum of universal consciousness Associated with Divinity.      Our interactions generate, (they say), Those elemental forces that, combined, Transmute primæval chaos […]


                              Uncertainty   God!. Do not let me doubt so much!.      Let me believe in something that           Will not disintegrate on touch,      Or fail me when I need it most!. Give me […]

Death's Occluding Blind

                                 Death’s Occluding Blind   What happens to the souls      Of those who die?. Can such immeasureable,      Intangible, Sentient phenomena      Survive ex corpore?.   Some say that souls, at death,      Migrate to […]


                                Faith        Had I but faith enough!. Then, I could move The legendary mountains at my will; Then, in my life, I surely would succeed And from achievements’ honours take my fill;      Or, being humble in […]

God and Creation

                               God and Creation   “Some think creation’s meant to show Him forth; I say it’s meant to hide Him all it can”.                                     […]

The Ark on Ararat

                    The Ark on Ararat   Vast over Turkey and Iran stands Ararat —      Where once there sailed that famous Ark of History,           Freighted with life and human inspiration’s hopes;      The fossilised remains of which are said to […]

The Monastic City

                        The Monastic City                             (Glendalough)   [Foreword: This poem is an imaginative presentation of life and motivation in a mediæval monastery. It should not be considered as an expression of the author’s […]

Arcane Arcadia

     Arcane Arcadia (After reading The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail         by N. Baigent, R. Leigh and H. Lincoln)                             I.   “I, tego arcana dei: et in   Arcadia ego“. Read what this means: ” […]

By Any Other Name

                  By Any Other Name        Gods do not die!. They cannot die In any sense we understand; They simply fade from consciousness And so it seems as if they die!.        But gods own powers to transmute Their attributes to other forms, […]

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