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Odd's Laws?

                           Odd’s Laws?        Since all the Universal Laws that rule Existence are discoveries — they’ve been In operation since before the minds Of humans woke to their effects — not one Invented by an act of human thought — What […]


   Astronauts    (‘Challenger’: 28 January 1986)   Riding flaming columns      Into unknown space, Monitoring instruments      Juddered by displaced Huge kinetic pressures      Outwith your control; Juggling with computer-data —      Utterly involved — Until some sudden defect      Cancelled your bold try With incandescent epigraph     […]


                                Cycles             “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold,            Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…”                           […]

Life's Mirror

                             Life’s Mirror        Our future is only our past Reflected, as though in a glass But made mysterious by Time’s Refractions through vague surface-dross That mars its lustre and distorts The details of its imaged shapes.      When […]


                     Implosion        A nuclear reactor,  when its heat Exceeds a prescribed limit, may implode With cataclysmic force, destroying all In its vicinity. To help prevent Disaster it is carefully controlled By stringent safeguards that can be deployed To dissipate excessive energy Whenever need […]

Quantum Theory

                            Quantum Theory      (After reading Other Worlds by Paul Davies)        My mind seems cosmologically large Because all things I see — or touch, or hear, Or merely sense — become absorbed by me.      The world, its […]


                           Evolution        All things are atoms in a cosmic flux. Though almost insignificant alone, By their collective influence they form The sum of universal interchange In a closed physical environment.      It is their interactions, each with each, That generate the […]


                  Astronauts        Riding flaming columns           Into unknown space; Monitoring instruments      Juddered by displaced Huge atmospheric pressures           Out of their control; Juggling with computer-jargon;      Hoping unseen defects      Won’t cancel their bold try And write a fractured epitaph           Upon the smoking sky. […]

Under the Ice

                        Under the Ice   Reputedly,Antarcticais rich in oils    And minerals of every kind; sufficient spoils       To whet our appetites in raw materials          For industries. Constantly rise political Disputes over the ownership of such rare store    Under its miles-deep, age-protected ceiling-floor.       Yet, far more precious than these minerals are those […]

The Space Between

                   The Space Between        We’d marvel should it prove some mind devised Planets, bright stars and complex galaxies: Placing them in relationships so fine That they, (from ancient times through to this day), Stayed recognisable upon the skies As astrological phenomena Balanced amidst unstable cosmic flux.        Nor […]

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