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               Arboriculture                                                              Striped with a scourge’s stigmata, On the middle tree of three, Was nailed a naked man Crowned with a wreath […]

The Word

     The Word .      Said the Bard; “It seems absurd,      But the Word Conquered the World      And the Sword”. All there concurred.      Was that accord With what they heard      Also absurd?.

The Wheel of Life

     The Wheel of Life          The wheel of life Revolves just once:      No second chance For anyone.      Enjoy the ride Whilst you can      Lest you regret…      Lest you regret…  

Quantic Superstrings

                                         Quantic Superstrings   Now, Superstrings are incredible things      That cannot be measured nor weighed: They seem to exist for those theorists      Whose calculus methods betrayed Their sums would not fit — […]

Last Rites

                                Last Rites   Should I lie helpless near Death’s gaping maw —      My body broken by long years of wear Beyond mind’s management; my bloodied raw      Heart torn, gored by predacious, sharp-toothed care During my […]

Anima Poetica

                          Anima Poetica        What use has poetry?. Some people say It is a means to Transcendental Truth Through inspirational experience; Its insights, into pleasure and dismay, Are keys to unlock life’s lost relevance.      Others aver its purpose is To […]


                                Agape           (For: G.J. and E.J. Whitehorn)             “You were such love, personified, for me             When I was most in need of charity”     […]

The Brain of God?.

             The Brain of God?        Some say we’re neurons in the brain of God!. Though almost insignificant alone, By our collective influence we form The sum of universal consciousness Associated with Divinity.      Our interactions generate, (they say), Those elemental forces that, combined, Transmute primæval chaos […]

Death's Occluding Blind

                                 Death’s Occluding Blind   What happens to the souls      Of those who die?. Can such immeasureable,      Intangible, Sentient phenomena      Survive ex corpore?.   Some say that souls, at death,      Migrate to […]

God and Creation

                               God and Creation   “Some think creation’s meant to show Him forth; I say it’s meant to hide Him all it can”.                                     […]

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