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Sixth June 1944

                Sixth June 1944                         (D-Day)        I tell a child’s tale with the words An adult uses, to describe Impressions from the distant past, Responding to recalled events More recently experienced.       Four o’clock in […]

Like You?

                 Like You?   For many years he sought her      To make his dreams come true; But, if he’d had a daughter,      She would have been like you; So all the love he brought her      Would be a father’s due, With blessings […]

More Than A Score

                                More Than a Score                        (Cossonay CC –14/7/1996)                                       i.   […]

Sacrificial Obsession

                            Sacrificial Obsession                              (Mem: 10 Sept 1989)        Quite casual it was!. I said: “Goodbye!”. You answered with a silent nod. Then I Departed. At your […]

Last Rites

                                Last Rites   Should I lie helpless near Death’s gaping maw —      My body broken by long years of wear Beyond mind’s management; my bloodied raw      Heart torn, gored by predacious, sharp-toothed care During my […]

My Destiny

                                 My Destiny        I shall not always be The slave of circumstance.      I have a promised destiny That guides me to the ranks      Of those whose names prevail Across the years of fame.   […]

The Giant's Ransom

The Giant’s Ransom   You promised you would pay, if I would free You from your bondage near Coolmela‘s wood      Some twenty ago. So, with my magic Mantra, I made plea To elemental Noumena who could      Release you from your woe.   I am now bound in debt’s extremity, (With urgent […]

As Moth to Flame

                                 As Moth to Flame                  As moth to flame, so I to you           Although I knew such fateful game      Should best be spurned. Yet my […]

The Long Way Round

                                The Long Way Round                                        (For my sons)             Your lives’ ambitious targets can be traced […]

The Promise

                               The Promise        There bloomed a halo round the moon last night; A paley circle of unbroken light      Some twenty moon-diameters across           At least and glowing in my startled sight.   […]

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