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Sacrificial Obsession

                            Sacrificial Obsession                              (Mem: 10 Sept 1989)        Quite casual it was!. I said: “Goodbye!”. You answered with a silent nod. Then I Departed. At your […]

Last Rites

                                Last Rites   Should I lie helpless near Death’s gaping maw —      My body broken by long years of wear Beyond mind’s management; my bloodied raw      Heart torn, gored by predacious, sharp-toothed care During my […]


                                Agape           (For: G.J. and E.J. Whitehorn)             “You were such love, personified, for me             When I was most in need of charity”     […]

As Moth to Flame

                                 As Moth to Flame                  As moth to flame, so I to you           Although I knew such fateful game      Should best be spurned. Yet my […]

Atalanta and Milanion

              Atalanta and Milanion        If you should really want to hit the mark, Striking your target where the bull’s-eye stares, Do not allow your aim to be disturbed By the intrusion of distractive thought      Or sight; just concentrate on your intent!.       […]

Her Response

                                    Her Response   Love is a caring, sharing sentiment!.      I do not want your smooth-writ words set down To justify your lack of faith in me!.      I want to feel the actions of […]

Say Not So!

                            Say Not So!        Oh, say not so — “We two are through!” —      For you must know, (Through weal or woe),      I love you.        So, say not so; For I shall rue […]

Long Afteryears

                                        Long Afteryears        They will say then — in those long afteryears When you and I are dead and gone with those Who knew us most — then they, (or some), will say […]


                            Questions   Would you prefer the eloquence and charm,      The glitter and parade in bright display           Of silken flattery’s embellishments,      The flashy compliments, light dalliance And gaudy presents offered every day?.   Would […]


                              Doubt   Why need I boast my love in ringing tones      To tell you what, already, you must know?.           Does not my patient lingering, nearby,           Speak more than sounding […]

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