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More Than A Score

                                More Than a Score                        (Cossonay CC –14/7/1996)                                       i.   […]

Sacrificial Obsession

                            Sacrificial Obsession                              (Mem: 10 Sept 1989)        Quite casual it was!. I said: “Goodbye!”. You answered with a silent nod. Then I Departed. At your […]


                                Catastrophe!             Who has not viewn, (on film or TV screen,      Or the event itself), that awesome scene When — from unstably-laden slope, with vibrant shock —      A sudden avalanche […]

Last Rites

                                Last Rites   Should I lie helpless near Death’s gaping maw —      My body broken by long years of wear Beyond mind’s management; my bloodied raw      Heart torn, gored by predacious, sharp-toothed care During my […]

Iphigenia at Aulis

Iphigenia at Aulis  (After Euripides)   They stripped her stark, then threw her body bare      Backwards upon the altar of their fear;      But as the sacred knife was sharply drawn Across her throat, she changed — into a fawn!.

Synoptic Biography

                                           Synoptic Biography                ( Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescou: d.25/12/1989)                               They rose; they spoke; […]

Near Tiryns

                                Near Tiryns                       (Agamemnon’s Death)                  Near Tiryns           Proud triremes Thrashed inshore waves to foam     […]


   Astronauts    (‘Challenger’: 28 January 1986)   Riding flaming columns      Into unknown space, Monitoring instruments      Juddered by displaced Huge kinetic pressures      Outwith your control; Juggling with computer-data —      Utterly involved — Until some sudden defect      Cancelled your bold try With incandescent epigraph     […]

As Moth to Flame

                                 As Moth to Flame                  As moth to flame, so I to you           Although I knew such fateful game      Should best be spurned. Yet my […]

The Return

                                The Return   Eastwards the storm-wracked prow, steered for hope’s harbour, home!. (Freeboard      Near-swamped by freighted weight of rarities cramming the holds           And decks, this cargo could  buy family security     […]

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