Alexander at Babylon

                                             Alexander at Babylon                                            (June 323 BC)        “My good friend […]

                                             Alexander at Babylon

                                           (June 323 BC)


     “My good friend Perdikas,

Since my connections, alas!,

With dear Hephaistion

Were rather fundamental —

     And uranismic passions’ thrills

Through heavenly congress can bring ills —

I fear his death also kills me!”.

     Then, having made his point

And installed Perdikas as joint

Inheritor of his imperial possessions,

Young Alexander died.


     Pained Perdikas denied

Any complicity

In Alexander’s fate.

     “He may have sometimes bored

Me stiff with his activities,

But it is base to say

That I, in any way,

Would have procured his death,

For he was truly great!.

     My elevation to the rank

Of Joint Inheritor

Of his estates was due

To my outstanding generalship

Throughout our long campaigns.

     Besides, whoever knew him well

Accepted that the was the bosom-friend,

And more, of his Hephaistion!.

I had no cause to end

The favours of his love.

     Only the Gods can know

Why Alexander died

When in full flush

Of his achievements’ pride!”.


     Few people, at that time,

Suspected that too close

A friendship might expose

Strong men to sudden death

In their still youthful prime!.

Author: J. A. Bosworth

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