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                                   Imprisoned   Pure phœnix of true love, endungeoned in or hearts;      Locked in by jealous bolts; by iron hatreds barred;           Chained by mistrust close to the coals of envy’s fire   […]


                     Implosion        A nuclear reactor,  when its heat Exceeds a prescribed limit, may implode With cataclysmic force, destroying all In its vicinity. To help prevent Disaster it is carefully controlled By stringent safeguards that can be deployed To dissipate excessive energy Whenever need […]


                                          Unwelcome        Why have you come again, unasked, Back from the Limbo of the Lost?. Why have you returned to me After so long away?.      Why, my remembered darling, Do […]

By Gum!

                          By Gum!   “I see”, said the blind man, (shutting his eye),           “That purple elephants can fly”. “I hear”, spoke the deaf man, (stopping his ears),           “That marmalade is bad for bears”. “I say”, signed the dumb man, (with folded arms),           “You can’t catch blue whales without tharms”. As these three […]

Myrna's Dance

                      Myrna’s Dance      [Adapted from Neknus, Canto XXX]        They drink to pained excess who know Not when their bellies will be filled again With anything more tasteful than poor scraps Stolen, or begged, from wealthy merchants who Fill the markets daily with their goods.      They drink until the wine and […]

The Dancers

                          The Dancers            [Adapted from Neknus, Canto XXIV]                               And so        The dancers enter to display their thrilling art.        In they come, these splendid charmers,              (Twenty males and females all              With nature’s graces unadorned),        Each more finely formed than anyone        Assembled there had ever seen,               Or […]


                                                                   Œdipus   Introduction: There are several versions of the Œdipus myth – Homer put one in the Iliad, Aeschylus [Seven Against Thebes] […]


                      Proportionality         (In flagrante delicto)         Tie them up – so! –    As Leonardo Posed his ‘Proportionate Man’:    That at my leisure       I may then pleasure My retributory plan.         Strip off their clothes    To starkly expose Intimate attributions,    So each one can see, […]

Beyond Belief?

                            Beyond Belief?   Marking the South-West corner of Coolmela’s plot,    Within the purlieu of the forest, stands a tree      So broad and tall its age must be immense. To me,    It whispers gently every time I pass; though what […]


                                           Rainbow        The glory of an Angel’s wings spreads bright across the skies, An arc of light ineffable before my streaming eyes. What matter if the rain still falls or thunder still […]

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