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The Return

                                The Return   Eastwards the storm-wracked prow, steered for hope’s harbour, home!. (Freeboard      Near-swamped by freighted weight of rarities cramming the holds           And decks, this cargo could  buy family security     […]


                                Faith        Had I but faith enough!. Then, I could move The legendary mountains at my will; Then, in my life, I surely would succeed And from achievements’ honours take my fill;      Or, being humble in […]

God and Creation

                               God and Creation   “Some think creation’s meant to show Him forth; I say it’s meant to hide Him all it can”.                                     […]

Visionary Dawn

                     Visionary Dawn   Know that those Principles you mourn, (dark-robed,      Facing that Blankness where they were interred —           Battered and mangled by traumatic wars      And social dissolution — those long years Ago), cannot be recovered from […]

The Terrible Beauty

                      The Terrible Beauty               “A terrible beauty is born”.                                                           […]

The Ark on Ararat

                    The Ark on Ararat   Vast over Turkey and Iran stands Ararat —      Where once there sailed that famous Ark of History,           Freighted with life and human inspiration’s hopes;      The fossilised remains of which are said to […]

Angels and Sinners?

                            Angels and Sinners?        Wild whiteness wracks from wind-chipped, chilly clouds of gloom That greyly glower, flatly, in the darkling skies To blot, from keenest sight the lightless countryside Behind diffusive, dapple-dusted curtain-walls.      Whoever would suppose, (who […]


                            Orion   When glorious Orion strides the night —      Red Betelgeus sat on his shoulder high,           Bright Rigel at his knee, club raised to strike      His quarry with its shining potency; His […]

The Giant

                                  The Giant        I saw a giant’s face today amongst the trees, Deep-shadowed, opposite my house. Only his huge, Brown head was visible, his trunk and limbs concealed Beneath a covering of soil and tangled roots.     […]

Her Response

                                    Her Response   Love is a caring, sharing sentiment!.      I do not want your smooth-writ words set down To justify your lack of faith in me!.      I want to feel the actions of […]

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